Monday, September 20, 2010


See my friends, that was luck.

Reggie Bush muffs the punt and who comes up with the muff? Reggie Bush.

ALSO BATTED BALL INTs. Sure, it takes skill to bat the ball (or was that an offensive player?) but it's not like the Saints are good enough to intentionally bat the ball to someone. That shit just happens. Sometimes that batted ball finds a defensive hand to cradle it and other time it falls harmlessly to the turf.

And in 19-14 games in the fourth...

Wait a second.

Right now the 49ers are muffing a punt ONE INCH FROM THE SIDELINES and...there it goes...bouncing...right back into the field of play for a Saint to recover.


That is how luck and bounces influence the outcome of otherwise evenly matched games. Saints are looking pretty now. The 2009 magic continues.

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