Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Catch

Much has been written regarding Calvin Johnson's catch ruled not catch and I have little more to add.

I think the rule deeming the pass incomplete makes sense and here's why: If Johnson catches the ball in the field of play than the result of the play (if those screaming "CATCH!" are correct) is a fumble. He was not down by contact after all. If this had happened and the Bears recovered, or if it happened to my team, I don't know that I would agree with that call. I wouldn't be happy at least.

A similar play happened with opposite results last year. Skins and Saints in overtime and on the first possession Mike Sellers catches a quick out, takes two steps and drops the ball (football move). The play was ruled a fumble and the call was upheld after replay. The ground wasn't involved here but I think it paints a good picture of what establishes possession. Is it instantaneous, control and two feet down is a catch or does a receiver have to demonstrate possession with a football move?

Remember, the instantaneous possession rule would favor defenses because instantaneous possession would lead to uber fumbles.

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