Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Is what I would name my son if I lived in China.

It's also the sound of NFL ownership tills around the country.

According to Forbes 2009 list of NFL valuations, the NFL is still raking dough hand-over-fist.

In terms of total value Dallas tops the list at $1.65 billion, the Redskins are a near (by Federal Government accounting standards at least) number two at $1.6 billion.

Those are the newsmaking numbers.

Lesser reported is the Redskins decimating the league in operating income: $90 million with the closest team $20 million behind. Dallas had an operating income of just $9.2 million. With a income like that how do those beers and grub prices strike you now?

Also of note are player expenses, including benefits and bonuses. For all the flak Dan Snyder takes for being a supposed human ATM, the Redskins spent $139 on player expenses in 2008. Compare that to the other top 5 valuable teams: $165 (Dallas), $131 (Patriots), $139 (Giants), $141 (Jets), $140 (Texans).

Sure, feeding and paying Albert Haynsworth costs a hundred mil alone; but we're not exactly trying to buy a championship here, unless you think the Texans are too.

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