Sunday, August 23, 2009

That's Useful, Put It in the Pile of Other Useful Things That We Don't Use

The fruit of my labor days has been spent sweetly. If we're spending the little money we have, it's on something we really need (or, in the lady's case, really wants).

But as we near our labor day the fruit of others generosity has increased by many-fold. Grandma keeps adding to the stock, Mom's friends can't help but picking up nick-nacks, and the baby shower left us quite a trail of cardboard and bags, and now we're richer in belongings, poorer in closet space.

So much stuff, and I can't decide if any of it is useful. Most probably isn't.

We have some Burt's Baby Bee goop, will it get applied? He'll surely out-grow most the onsies before wearing, right? Little man shoes, will we strap them on? Warming things, pumping things, cleaning things, plastic things, what?

I say no no and no. Next time give us some towels, safety pins, and a pair of scissors and from squarish-cloth-shape we can wrap the babe as needed.

The baby Converse are pretty stinking cute, though.

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